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31 May 2015
how to load date from excel file using teradata studio

I'm new to Teradata Studio. I try to load some Excel files to a table using the Data Transfer Wizard.
Unfortunately I got an error if I try to load dates.
What do I have to do, if I want o load dates from an Excel file to a date-column?
Do I have to specify a special format for the date-column in the table?
Or do I have to change the date-column in the Excel file?
Thanks in advance,

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03 Jun 2015

Teradata Date column format allows “yyyy-MM-dd", "MM/dd/yy", "MM/dd/yyyy” , and time format “HH:mm:ss.S", "HH:mm:ss” . Other formats may cause failure of the data loading or wrong date to get into the table. It doesn't matter of the file types. You can format the cell column in excel. Thank you.

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11 Jun 2015


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