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abethomas 1 post Joined 04/12
13 Jan 2014
How does one view just the list of databases in data source explorer and not the entire tree?

I'd like to narrow the list of objects in the data source explorer to just a list of databases. I added a filter, and i now see that the tree has been filtered, but i have to dig deep to find where a specific database is. 
I want to see a simple tree like one sees in sql assitant:
- database_name
- database_name2
- database_name 3

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
14 Jan 2014

There are a couple of ways to filter the tree display. One is the way you mentioned with a Filter. You can select just the databases and users you want to see or provide a 'like' clause filter. You can also change the list of databases and users that are loaded through the Data Source Explorer Load Preferences. Go to Window>Preferences, then choose Teradata Datatools Preferences>Data Source Explorer Load Preferences.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
14 Jan 2014

You can also switch to a flat view of databases and users by unchecking the preference 'Show Databases and Users in Hierarchical Display'.

bmcclernan 6 posts Joined 04/08
17 Jan 2014

Flat view and filtering on the databases I want worked great, thanks!

Bill McClernan

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