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ernest.wood 2 posts Joined 08/09
06 Jan 2014
Focus problems in Editor window

An issue I'm having with Studio is when I select a Connection Profile in an editor window the mouse focus remains on that pull down until I explicitly change to something else.  What very easily happens is that I accidently change (with scroll wheel usually) to to another connection profile while I'm looking around in the editor window itself.  Thats sort of ok if I change to to profile that isn't logged in because I'll get a warning dialog that I have to respond to.  However if it changes to one that is logged in there is no warning  and its VERY easy to run a query against the wrong connection!  Is there option to automatically change/revoke the focus?  If not I'd like to see this added and/or change somehow in the future.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
09 Jan 2014

There currently is not an option. It is something we can look into. Thank you for your comment.

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