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jessielin 5 posts Joined 07/12
16 Jun 2015
Find / Replace in SQL Editor

Hi all,
Is there a Find / Replace button/function in SQL Editor?
I'm using Studio 15.0 the Query Development Perspective.
Looked it up on Help document, but couldn't find it there either.
I think it used to be in Studio 14.10, or 14.00 version, even though it doesn't use the Ctrl+F shortcut keys etc...
Did I miss anything?

Jens.Humrich 14 posts Joined 03/15
17 Jun 2015

I assume not. You can actually repair the missing shortcut by going to "Windows -> Preferences".
Then "General -> Keys" and search for the "Find and Replace" Command.
Copy the Command, add the Binding Ctrl+F and When: Editing SQL.

jessielin 5 posts Joined 07/12
17 Jun 2015

Thanks for the quick reply. It worked!

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
17 Jun 2015

Yes, There is a Find/Replace option for SQL Editor. The Ctrl+F shortcut was broken prior to Find/Replace is also in the Edit menu. 

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