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rvd 2 posts Joined 04/15
16 Nov 2015
Error display SQL result in Teradata Studio: Launch Teradata ResultSet viewer has encountered a problem

When I run a query in TD studio the results aren't displayed because of this error:
Launch Teradata ResultSet viewer has encountered a problem
An internal error has occured
When I click the details button, it says:
An internal error has occurred.
org/eclipse/nebula/widgets/nattable/extension/ glazedlists/GlazedListsEventLayer
Anyone any what's causing this?

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
16 Nov 2015

Ron, We will need more information than that to find out what the problem is. In the mean time, you can try to use a new workspace in the possibility that the current workspace has become corrupt. For Studio, it is located in your <USER> directory, named workspace-studio. Rename this and restart Studio to see if that will help.
To diagnose the problem, we need to find out what version of Studio are you running? What OS platform? What version of JRE? We would need to see the error logs that are located in your workspace. Please open an incident with support center via T@YS so we can get all of this information and assist you.

rvd 2 posts Joined 04/15
17 Nov 2015

Hi Francine,
Thank you for your reply. We have renamed the workspace and restarted Studio. The problem still occurs.
I have created a TAYS incident, including the configuration and errorlog.

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