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jredd 2 posts Joined 05/16
01 Jun 2016
Dissapointed in performance on OS X

I've been using Teradata studio for the past few days now and I'm simply disapointed and aggravated by the terrible performance on OS X. I have already gone in and increased the amount of ram (I'm not even going to get started on the fact you have to go into the ini file to change the allocated RAM, which requires admin permisions to pull off, and that in the forum posts on it, you guys seem to be ok with this). I spend more time waiting in frustration for this program to simply function, even when i'm not making queries (which I could easily understand). Thank you for making my job more tedious and time consuming. I'd switch to something else but I'm stuck using this tool.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
01 Jun 2016

@jredd, Sorry for your frustration. We have identified one issue that is fixed in Studio 15.11 regarding the SQL History. I don't know if this affects you. The problem occurs when large text is placed in the SQL History cell. We were allowing up to 1000 characters and have reduced this to 150 and the beachball stopped appearing!
There is another issue around the showing of scrollbars. There is a Mac OS preference to always show scrollbars that should be checked.
And finally, the JDK on Mac OS has options to reduce the disk space for storing temporary files and Delete Trace log files and cached applications. This may also help with performance.

jredd 2 posts Joined 05/16
02 Jun 2016

I hope you see why I even have issue with this... I wouldn't of known any of these optimizations without coming here and posting. I don't know how/where, to control the character limit for the history but clearing it emediatly fixed the rainbow wheel of death. The scroll bars trick helped as well. I have some pretty big issues with the fact that I have to do this stuff to even make this a functional tool, and calling it a tool is kind at this point. Having to fight my applications isn't right and subjecting the community to this application is wrong. I really doubt you guys want to be known as the people that make applications that others hate, but thats all I can feel when working with it. I unfortuantely don't have the option to get the latest version of the application and I'm stuck with a tool that has to have it's hand held to function properly.

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