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24 Jun 2015
DB2 JDBC connections not showing in SQL Editor Connection Profile: dropdown

Good Morning,
I am using Teradata Studio, on Win 7, with the IBM JDBC drivers.
I can create a connection to our DB2 z/os database, and see all our schemas and tables.  I cam right click a table and sample the data. I can even see the SQL that the sample data produces.
1. I cannot see the DB2 connection in the Connection Profile: dropdown of the SQL Editor. This means I cannot execute a piece of SQL.
2. If I enter the SQL generated by the sample data function into the SQL Editor query window, then I cannot execute it.
So, is there a means of persuading Studio's to display the DB2 connection in the connection profile dropdown or is this not possible in Studio?
Many thanks,
Angus (Waitose)

dafydh 4 posts Joined 05/15
24 Jun 2015

Hello Moderators.
Regarding my post "DB2 JDBC connections not showing in SQL Editor Connection Profile: dropdown".
I've actually found a work round.  It is still true that when I first start Studio and connect through to DB2 the connection profile does not appear in the dropdown.
However, I discovered, quite by chance, that if I then click on the little icon 'Open SQL Editor' a slightly different looking SQL Editor window appears, with an expanded connection profile section.  This now lists dropdowns for 1. Type, 2. Name and 3 Database.  I can now successfully enter SQL statements.
So, to avoid other users being similarly frustrated, do you want my post to go through and for me to add the solution?
I would also add the suggestion that the developers of Studio might want to consider changing this UI. It's taken me a week to sort out, and I only did so by just trying anything.
There are a few more tests I need to do, but it is looking as if I can recommend that our team of 12 stop using Toad for Data Analysts, and start using Teradata Studio instead.
Angus McDonald
Waitrose Business Information Team.

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24 Jun 2015

Angus, The option you mention is the advocated way to run SQL queries for DB2. You must open the SQL File Editor. The Teradata SQL Editor is only for Teradata, Aster, or Hadoop connection queries.  Thanks for mentioning this. I will update the 'Transtioning from SQL Assistant' article with the information.

dafydh 4 posts Joined 05/15
26 Jun 2015

Thank you for the quick reply.
The rest of the BI team are slowly getting to grips with Teradata Studio.  We're beginning to see that Teradata Studio is a product of two halves. The bog standard eclipse part, and the newer Teradata Datatools add on.
I'm afraid to say that we cannot see a SQL File Editor option in Studio 15.10.  After further investigation we have discovered the following.
1. The two different SQL editors are called 'SQL Editor' and share the same icon.
2. When Studio starts we are presented with the Tearadata version of SQL Editor. Not surprising, as it is the main gateway to Teradata appliances and hadoop clusters.
3. If you use the menu ribbon and went File -> New SQL Editor, you get the Teradata SQL Editor, which only allows you to interact with Teradata appliances and hadoop clusters.  Any result sets are displayed in the 'Teradata Result Set Viewer'.
4. If you click on the 'Open SQL Editor' icon in eclipse's 'Data Source Explorer', you get the eclipse SQL editor,  which allows you to interact with all and any database type.  Any result sets are displayed in the eclipse 'SQL Results' viewer.
5. When using the eclipse SQL Editor things get really weird and confusing. It automatically routes SQL results to the result set viewer of the connection type that is selected in the Connection Profile.
I'll let the rest of the BI team evaluate Studio further before making a decision on Toad for Data Analysts. However, as the long term aim is to move away from DB2, we may live with the lack of integration between the two halves of Studio, and use a combination of Studio and DbVisualizer.  It helps reduce our tool set to managable proportions.

02 Oct 2015

Im facing a similar issue but with Oracle.  However, when I click on open sql editor in the data source explorer it opens the same old sql editor window that can only interact with Teradata specific objects.
Is there any other way to get a sql editor opened where I can execute against Oracle?

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
05 Oct 2015

It seems that the Data Source Explorer button that opens the non-Teradata SQL editor has been removed. A way to open the non-Teradata SQL editor is to right-click on an SQL file in the Project Explorer and select Open With>SQL File Editor.

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23 Feb 2016

Hi Angus, I am strugling with make connection when I ping it shows me connection scucess full but On connection profile it shows no profile.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
23 Feb 2016

Madhu, What database are you trying to connect to? Are you using Teradata Studio or Teradata Studio Express?

madhuB 2 posts Joined 02/16
23 Feb 2016

Teradata Studio Express

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
23 Feb 2016

What database are you connecting to? Are you running Studio Express inside a VM or from your desktop? What is the error that is occurring when you try to connect from the Data Source Explorer?

Lilit_M 1 post Joined 08/16
04 Aug 2016

in Pentaho Report Designer jdbc data source query editing button not functional. what's happend?

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
04 Aug 2016

Lilit, I am assuming you are running the Pentaho Report Designer plugin on Eclipse? What database are you connecting to? 

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