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25 Mar 2015
Database tables not disaplayed in explorer view

In Teradata Studio 15.00.02 the explorer view doesn't display the tables and view in the database if you login
with that database as your default. If you login with DBC as the default and then traverse to the database you want to view you are able to see the information. The user was recently upgraded to 15 from 14.00 where the behavior was similar to SQL Assistant. Is this behavior intentional or something that will be fixed in a future version?

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
25 Mar 2015

John, What is the setting for the Query Preference in the Teradata Datatools Preference page. Are you using the ViewV or ViewVX?

25 Mar 2015

The user found these settings in Teradata Data Tools provided the same behavior as 14.00:
Only Databases (But include DBC user & myself)
Include tables
Include folders
Enabling anything else results in the "bad" behavior. The default setting has everything under What to Display enabled.
I can't find any setting for ViewV or ViewVX so I think I'm using the default whatever that is.

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