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dafydh 4 posts Joined 05/15
26 Jun 2015
Data Source Explorer result set view only displaying 500 rows. No apparent way to change.

Hello all,
We have been at a loss to work out how to increase the number of rows returned to a result set when querying a DB2 database table. Eclipse Data Source Explorer allows you to set this value, and to spill to disk when the value is exceeded.  We can't seem to do this in Teradata Studio.  The Data Management section in preferences is a highly contracted set when compared to that in the standard eclipse Data Source Explorer.
Are we missing something or should we try and rectify this by downloading a full copy of the eclipse Data Source Explorer and somehow merge it with Teradata Studio?  I wouldn't like to do the latter as it causes all sorts of management headaches.
The reason we want more than 500 rows is that we hive off the dataset (normally thousands, but sometimes a million rows) to a file for analysis either by ourselves or by our analysts. Occaisionally we would even send the file to areas of the business who are non-technical, but need the data for management purposes.
Many thanks

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
26 Jun 2015

Angus, There is a preference for this which seems to be missing from Studio but is in Studio Express. If you can launch Studio Express. Open the Preferences page Data Management>SQL Development>SQL Results View preference page. There is an option Max display row count that defaults to 500. We will fix the missing page from Studio.

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