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NC185016 3 posts Joined 11/10
12 Nov 2014
Can TD Studio copy multiple tables in one go ?

I am using TD Studio 15.00 to copy lots of databases/tables from a TD Express 14.10 VM, to a 15.00 VM.
I can select multiple tables in the source explorer and drag them onto the Transfer View showing the target database, but this invokes the Copy Table wizard for each table individually.
Is there a way to avoid needing to go through this as it makes copying hundreds of tables rather prohibitive ?
Can you do multiple tables in a single batch ?

Neil Corin
fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
12 Nov 2014

Neil, Not currently. Studio's purpose is for adhoc copies and not hundreds of tables. A tool like Teradata Data Mover is available for copying large numbers of tables.

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