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samsterling 10 posts Joined 06/09
15 Apr 2015
Batch processing and error handling

Is there a way to run a script (like we did in BTEQ) with thousands of sql statements?  Can we somehow bypass errors?
Also, I'm trying to drop a bunch of views that don't point to anything anymore using the studio hierarchy.  These all have errors because the objects don't exist any more, so I've got to click on "OK" hundreds of times.

Chuckbert 78 posts Joined 07/09
16 Apr 2015

In Teradata Studio, the closest thing there is to running multiple statements with the capability to bypass errors is the Execute as Individual Statements choice of ways to run from the SQL Editor. When an error occurs, a message is displayed with the option to ignore the error and continue. That dialog lets you say to remember the choice. So you can say to ingore errors always. That choice is not just for the current running of SQL but for all future running. You can change that choice from the Preferences. That setting is in the Data Management>SQL Development>General preference page. It is recorded as the choice for the "Whether to continue when error occurs during SQL execution" preference.
Another of our products, the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse, has the ability to save multiple SQL statement in an Ant script that can be run outside of Eclipse.
I've created multiple views based on a table that I subsequently dropped. I am able to use the Object Viewer's list of Views to select the now-bad views and used its Drop Selected Objects button to remove them. This did not cause error messages to be acknowledged for the invalid views. When I used the Data Source Explorer, I was able to select multiple bad views (using the Ctrl-Click to add to the selection). The first bad view resulted in the message that there are problems with the view but the subsequent selections did not.

samsterling 10 posts Joined 06/09
17 Apr 2015

This looks like it will solve the problem, but I don't know if we have a replacement strategy for BTEQ.


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