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deansiewert 4 posts Joined 12/13
21 Apr 2016
Are the rules for parameter usage different between SQL Assistant and Studio?

I found this comment in the Transitioning from Assistant to Studio document:
"parameters are used for only data value subsititions in the SQL.  It does not perform direct string substitution as in SQL Assistant"
Any possibility that this functionality will be extended in studio to give the same functionality as Assistant?  Is there a rationale for not providing functionality of assistannt in Studio?
Thanks for your insights....

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
22 Apr 2016

Dean, Studio uses the JDBC prepared statement to bind and pass the parameters for SQL execution. That being said, it is something we can look into. I will open a JIRA issue to look further into this option. Thank you for your feedback.

deansiewert 4 posts Joined 12/13
22 Apr 2016

Thank you Francine for the background.  We are a young Teradata shop.  We started about three years ago, when Studio wasn't quite as stable as it has become.  As a result, half our people are on Assistant and the other on Studio. 
The substitution question came up because we were looking for a way to migrate DDL and data fixes through our various environments.  The extended functionality of Assistant is quite useful in that we could have parameters that specify both a source and destination database. 
Yesterday I was also introduced to some control flow structures available in Assistant which don't appear to be usable in Studio.  (Granted, the control is along the lines of DOS Batch functionality, but still powerful.)  A co-worker put together a little demo that altered a table only if the table hadn't already been altered.  
I hope you can advocate to get as much of Assistant's functionality into Studio.  It will make it easier for me to convince people that Studio is the future.
Again, Many Thanks.

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
25 Apr 2016

Dean, We do have a JIRA opened regarding adding functionality for providing scripting support.

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