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EB186038 2 posts Joined 04/11
04 May 2016
0 CAST AS DECIMAL(22,7) showing as 0E-7 in Result Set

In querying a table that has a column with datatype DECIMAL(22,7), it shows 0E-7 for 0 values in the result set.
To illustrate:
SEL 0 (DECIMAL(22,7));
SEL 1 (DECIMAL(22,7));
Why is it doing that?

fgrimmer 553 posts Joined 04/09
04 May 2016

@EB180000, The data is displayed as it is returned from the database. If you enable the 1000's separator preference for the Result Set Viewer, it will format the result and display 0.0000000. We have are working on improvements in Studio and Studio Express in this area.

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