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Frequently Asked Questions when deploying TVME

What is the Site ID, and where can I find it?
The Site ID must be provided by Teradata.

Where can I find the static IP address for the DBSVM, VPVM, and why is there no DHCP option?
The IP needs to be static so that you can wire up server management(CMIC) to your cluster. If you do not have IP addresses that you can use, then contact your network/IT admin.

What is a Primary/Secondary Network Switch and where can I find them?
You can configure and find more information about the network switch in vSphere, Home -> Networking.

During the deployment, it asks me to put the Database VM name. I can't find any information related to this in the manual, so what do I do?
Take a look at file and put the value that has the label "DbsVMName." Similarly, if it asks for the ViewPoint Server name, put the value with the label “ViewpointVMName.”
Note: the Powercli script will fail if you type in actual 'ssh' server name. Rather, you have to use the name displayed in the template.

When I try to deploy a TVME Base Template I am having trouble setting the amp data store. I cannot figure out what to set the variable named  "AMPsDatastorePrefix" in the file to. I am using the name I see in the Vcenter storage but that name is not working. What am I missing?
You need to make sure that your datastore has amps ending with vol01, vol02, vol03, etc...... Then for the name you need to leave off the last two digits. So for example lets say your amp diks look like this:
You would set your AMPsDatastorePrefix to this name amp-tvme1-vol (without any numbers at the end). So the line in your file should look like this:


The installation failed. How do I clean up the work directory and vSphere to restart the script?
Go to vSphere, click on Hosts and Clusters, and delete all the servers created by the script: right-click on the VM and select “Delete from Disk.”
Note: If you just need to redeploy 1 or 2 images you can edit the file and change the true/false values near the top of the file. The section looks like this:

#TVME BaseEdition Virtual Machines to Deploy (Enter "True" to deploy the Particular Virtual Machine, enter "False" against the property if you don't want to deploy Virtual Machine (VM))
#Initially all the flags should be true
#Suppose in future the BaseEdition components (Database VM, Viewpoint VM and ServerManagement VM) are fdatinstalled and started working, if only server management new VM
#need to install then set false to DeployDatabaseVM and DeployViewpointVM

How do I access Viewpoint?
You can access ViewPoint from a local web browser by typing: http://[ip_address_of_the_viewpoint_VM]

Database was not started automatically after the installation. How do I start it?
Run the command:  /etc/init.d/tpa start

I do not have internet access for my VM servers. What do I do?
From the command line of the problematic server, modify the networking settings below and make sure the settings are correct
yast -> network devices -> network settings -> hostname/DNS, Routing

I received the following error message, and I don't know what to do:
[09/28/2015 09:18:48] Error - Server Management(CMIC) virtual machine deployment configuration failed
Try installing the cluster again. If the error persists, try a different network switch in vSphere: from vSphere, go to Home -> Networking and pick a different Standard Switch network
How do I check if I have PowerShell already installed?
From cmd, run powershell. If this returns ‘powershell’ not recognized…, then PowerShell is not installed.

Where do I download PowerShell?
Go to the Microsoft homepage and download “Windows Management Framework.” Link: id=40855

Where do I download a utility that can open the rar files?
You can download 7zip from this web site or you can use another program such as WinRar.

Where do I get PowerCLI?
You can download PowerCLI from the VMWare homepage. Link: downloadGroup=VSP510-PCLI-510&productId=285

How do I run PowerCLI?
Open the start menu and search for “VMWare vSphere PowerCLI”

Where do I find the network domain information including DNS?
Please refer to your network/IT admin.

How do I specify the file path for Windows in property files?
You must use double backslashes (“\\”) to specify directories in Windows. For example: C:\\user\\myTVME\\myImage.vm

In file, where do I find the LocationName?
Location name is same as the name of the folder that exists in vSphere where you want to deploy a new VM.

How do I access the VM from by browser?
From vSphere, click on the virtual machine you would like to access, click on the “Summary” tab, and click on “Launch Remote Console.”

How do I set up TDPID in Viewpoint Monitored Systems?
Modify the /etc/hosts file and manually set up the cop entry.

The user tdwm does not exist. What do I do?
From the command line of the database server, run dip scripts by issuing following commands:
# cnsterm 6
> start dip
> ctl-c   <-- quit from cnsterm 6
 # cnsterm 1 (or the cnsterm where dip was started)
< Enter dbc logon credentials, then select DIPALL and DIPPATCH>

What should I pick for the authentication option when setting up ViewPoint?
Leave it as is

I can’t seem to run PUT from my browser. What do I do?
Please make sure that you have enabled JAVA and that JAVA plugin is allowed from the browser.

/var/log/messages was not created. How do I create one?
Please try to restart the syslog daemon manually by issuing the following command: /etc/init.d/syslog restart

PUT gives me the following error in an attempt to upgrade the database: “Media Scanning Errors Ocurred”
First, identify the specific directory from the error log. After identifying the directory, for example: /var/opt/teradata/pkgs, create the directory if necessary, set appropriate permissions, and copy all the package files to the directory.

I did not specify an NTP server, why is the Linux time wrong immediately after deployment?
If you do not specify an NTP server than your image will get the time from the ESXi host. Check the time on the ESXi host and correct the time on the ESXi host if needed. Then correct the time manually on your image using the date command:
Example: date -s "01/13/2016 13:06:00"

Can I upgrade my TVME database from TD 14.10 to TD 15?
No you cannot directly upgrade your TVME database as that is not currently a supported activity. Our recommendation is to install a new version and backup your data from your previous version and install to the new version.

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