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20 May 2016
Can I do a major or minor Teradata database upgrade on my TVME software?
ac110057 16 posts Joined 07/11
20 May 2016

At this time we do not support major or minor upgrade directly on the image itself. However, we  do support maintenance and patch upgrades.

In order to upgrade to a new major release (example TD 14.10  to TD 15.00 ) or minor release (example TD 15.00 to TD 15.10) the basic steps are:

1) Take an archive of the existing system using ABU
2) Follow the appropriate migration guide of the version you are going to. See the link to the  Migration Guide below.
3) Setup a new TD TVME image
4) Run the dipmig dip script
5) Run the restore to the new system

Please be sure to follow the appropriate Teradata Migration Guide <== Link

Each version of TVME will have installation documentation and each version of the database will have a document. We advise that you pick up the latest version of TVME which is currently 15.10 (as of May 20, 2016)
Documentiaon can also be found here to all versions of TVME.


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