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05 Apr 2016
Why my public IP has changed after stop/start EC2 instance in AWS?

When I stop/restart an EC2 instance, assigned public IP address has changed.

mc200018 14 posts Joined 06/09
06 Apr 2016

A public IP address is reachable from the internet. You can use public IP addresses
for communication between your instances and the Internet. When launch an EC2 instance,
a Public IP address assigned to reach the instance.
When stop that instance and restart, we get a new Public IP for the same instance.
Public IP gets changed everytime for an instance after stop/start the instance.
To prevent this issue, we assign an Elastic IP address to an instance which doesn't change
after stop/start the instance as many times.
An Elastic IP address is a public IP address that you can allocate to your account. You can
associate it to and from instances as you require, and it's allocated to your account
until you choose to release it.
For more information about Elastic IP addresses and how to use them, see  Elastic IP Addresses.

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