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06 Apr 2016
What is a Placement Group?

In some of the tutorials, they recommend me to put all of my instances that communicate with each other in the same Placement Group. What is a Placement Group and what is it good for?

kc186034 15 posts Joined 01/16
06 Apr 2016

A Placement Group in AWS is:

  • Logical grouping of instances within a single Availability Zone
  • Using Placement Groups enables applications to participate in a low-latency, 10 Gbps network
  • Instances within a Placement Group will benefit from minimized latency and maximized throughput of the network

The limitations of using a Placement Group are:

  • Not all of the instance types that can be launched into a placement group can take full advantage of the 10 gigabit network speeds provided
  • You can't move an existing instance into a placement group
  • You can't merge placement groups.
  • Although launching multiple instance types into a placement group is possible, this reduces the likelihood that the required capacity will be available for your launch to succeed

Here are the steps to create a Placement Group

  1. Go to the AWS Dashboard
  2. Click on "EC2" from the dashboard
  3. Click on "Placement Groups" from the navigation bar on the left
  4. Click ib "Create Placement Group" to create your own Placement Group
  5. Now, you can select this Placement Group when you launch a new image using "Manual Launch"
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