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17 May 2016
tdc-timezone does not work

I am raising this on behalf of Fairfax Media.
This is an issue with the Database Configuration procedures in the Getting Started Guide
The optional part of step 5 of the "Configuring Teradata Database" section of the guide allows you to set the timezone for the instance - important in the Sydney (Australia) Region.

  1.  [Optional] Run tdc-timezone to set the time zone or the time zone followed by the regional time zone, when prompted. For example: 
    • Type the time zone only: 
    •  Type the time zone followed by the regional time zone:  
  2.  If the configuration information returned is correct, enter yes at the prompt. 

We ran this optional component in the setup.  However, the timezone in Teradata still does not display the correct timezone when you run a "Select timestamp()" - I think that's the right syntax.
It shows the timezone is still UTC - "00".  Can't remember the exact syntax and output (I am offsite).
Greg Taranto


abhijeetshah 5 posts Joined 03/16
18 May 2016

Hello Greg,
Could you please update with below information ?
1) cat /etc/sysconfig/clock
2) ls -ltr /etc/localtime
3) date and date -u output
4) login through any user and run below query,
select current_timestamp;
5) Please provide DBSControl general settings, You can make use of below command.
:~# dbscontrol -g | egrep 'TimeZone|TimeDateWZControl'

abhijeetshah 5 posts Joined 03/16
18 May 2016

I believe database time zone isn't set via DBSControl settings and thus, "00:00" time zone offset is being displayed for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

GT230002 3 posts Joined 12/11
18 May 2016

Thanks for the answers Abhijeetshah.  That makes sense now.
Greg Taranto

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