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06 Apr 2016
How to use Data Mover to migrate data to another TD AMI

I am trying to use a Data Mover EC2 instance to move data from one TD instance to another TD instance. I have successfully launched a Data Mover image, but I have no idea how to configure this thing. Can anyone help?

kc186034 15 posts Joined 01/16
06 Apr 2016

For configuring your Data Mover instance, please refer to this document:

After you have configured your Data Mover, you can follow the steps below to run a sample job.

  1. Make sure that the database is up for your source, target, and the Data Mover system.
    • Checking the status of database:
# sudo su -
# pdestate -a
  • Starting the database
# sudo su-
# service tpa start
  1. Log on to the Data Mover system and run these commands:
# sudo su -
# cd /tmp
# mkdir datamover
# cp /opt/teradata/client/15.11/datamover/commandline/samples/* /tmp/datamover/
# cd /tmp/datamover/
  1. Inside the /tmp/datamover directory, open create.xml with a text editor and modify the following fields:
    • job name (something unique)
    • source_tdpid
    • source_user
    • source_password
    • target_tdpid
    • target_user
    • target_password
    • database name
    • table name
      • You may add more than one table
    • For example:
<database selection="inselected">
  <table selection="unselected">
  1. Run the following commands:
datamove create -f create.xml
datamove start -job_name [job name]
  • replace [job name] with your job name defined in create.xml
  1. If you want to check the log, you may access it by running the following command:
datamove status -job_name [job name] -output_level 4
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