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31 Mar 2016
How to edit Ports and Security Groups of an AWS Instance

Here are the instructions for editing Ports and security groups on an AWS Instance.

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31 Mar 2016

Amazon’s Official Documentation on Security Groups


What Is a Security Group?

  • Acts as a virtual firewall for your instance
  • Controls inbound and outbound traffic
  • For each security group, you must add rules that control the inbound and outbound traffic to instances
  • Instances associated with a security group cannot talk to each other unless you add rules allowing it
  • If you don’t assign a security group to an instance, the instance is automatically assigned to the default security group
  • You can assign up to 5 security groups per instance
  • You can create up to 500 security groups per VPC
  • You can specify allow rules, but not deny rules


How to Edit Inbound/Outbound of the Security Group Associated with an Instance

  1. Go to the AWS Console and click on “EC2
  2. Click “Instances” from the list on the left and then click on the name of the instance you with to modify ports for
  3. Find the column that says “Security Groups
  4. You can find this by clicking on the instance, scrolling to the bottom of the page and then clicking on the name of the security group identified by “Security groups” in the “Description” tab
    Click on the name of the Security Group that the instance is associated with. Doing this will take you to the Security Groups setting page
  5. Click on the name of the Security Group that is associated with the instance (should be done by default) and scroll to the bottom of the page
  6. At the bottom of the page, find the tab labeled as “Inbound” and click on “Edit
  7. Here, you can set up inbound rules of all the instances associated with the Security Group
  8. Similarly, you can set the outbound rules by clicking on “Outbound
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