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31 Mar 2016
How to connect to a Teradata EC2 Instance Using SecureCRT
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31 Mar 2016


  1. From the AWS Dashboard, locate to EC2 -> Instances
  2. Copy and paste the “Public IP” of the instance you want to connect to
  3. Open SecureCRT from your computer
  4. Start the New Session Wizard by pressing ALT + N or by clicking on the “New Session” icon from the Session Manager
  5. From the New Session Wizard, choose “SSH2” and click Next
  6. Fill in the following and click Next:
    Hostname: Public IP address you copied from step 2
    Port: 22
    Username: ec2-user
  7. Set the SecureFX protocol as SFTP and click Next

  8. Give a name to the session and put it as the Session Name. Click Finish
  9. After the New Session Wizard closes, find your instance from the Session Manager, right click, and then click on Properties

  10. From the Category, click on SSH2
  11. Under Authentication, ONLY SELECT the PublicKey
  12. Click on PublicKey and click Properties
  13. From PublicKey Properties, choose “Use global public key setting” and “Use identify or certificate file
  14. Locate the pem file from your desktop and set it under “Global settings
  15. Click “OK” to go back to the SSH2 settings window
  16. Look for the “Key exchange” section and check all the ones that contain “diffie-hellman” in the name
  17. Click OK to close the window
  18. Find your session from the Session Manager and double click it to connect to your instance
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