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au185006 32 posts Joined 12/12
31 Mar 2016
How do I set the timezone on my system?

The timezone on by system is incorrect.

ac110057 16 posts Joined 07/11
04 Apr 2016

If the system is not in the correct time zone, run the following commands from the command line to change the setting:

  • # sudo su -
  • # cd /etc
  • # rm localtime
  • # ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/
    • This command will list all the time zones you can pick. Select the one that fits your region.
  • # cd /etc
  • # ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/[your_timezone] localtime
    • where [your_timezone] is the time zone you picked from the previous step
  • Verify that the time zone changed by issuing “date”
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