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31 Mar 2016
How do I set my IP for inbound?

Do I use the public of private IP for inbound

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04 Apr 2016

You might want to refer amazon documentation.
Authorizing Inbound Traffic for Your Linux Instances:

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04 Apr 2016

The basic steps to add your IP address are:
1) Go into secuirty groups (you normally need to scrool all the way to the last column on the right to see security groups).
2) In secuirty groups click on the Inbound tab
3) For ssh open port 22 for CLI/ODBC open port 1025
4) In the IP address field select "My IP Address" it will add something like /24 or /32 to the end of your IP address. Often this IP address is actually a firewall server at your company and not your specific computers IP address.
The link mentioned above has more detail.

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