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04 Apr 2016
How Do I Keep Track of My EC2 Instances?

Is there a way I can keep track of some sorf of metrics for my AWS EC2 instance?

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04 Apr 2016

 You can use a feature provided by Amazon called Cloudwatch.
Official Document from Amazon

What is Cloudwatch?

  • Amazon Cloudwatch provides a monitoring solution for your resources on AWS. We will focus on the the monitoring tools specifically for EC2 instances.
  • Amazon provides two types of monitoring features for EC2 instances:
    • Basic Monitoring
    • Detailed Monitoring

What Is Basic Monitoring?

  • Basic Monitoring is free.
  • Basic Monitoring gives you 7 pre-selected metrics at 5-minute frequency and 3 status check metrics at 1-minute frequency
  • 7 Pre-Selected Metrics:
    • CPU Utilization
      • Measured in percent
    • Disk Reads
      • Measured in bytes
    • Disk Read Operations
      • Measured in operations
    • Disk Writes
      • Measured in bytes
    • Disk Write Operations
      • Measured in operations
    • Network In/Out
      • Measured in bytes
    • Network Packets In/Out
      • Measured in count
  • 3 Status Check Metrics:
    • Status Check Failed(Any)
      • Measured in count
    • Status Check Failed(Instance)
      • Measured in count
    • Status Check Failed(System)
      • Measured in count

What Is Detailed Monitoring?

  • Takes additional charge.
  • Detailed Monitoring covers all the metric that Basic Monitoring covers at 1-minute frequency.
  • Instances with Detailed Monitoring enabled allows data aggregation by Amazon EC2 AMI ID and instance type
  • To enable Detailed Monitoring, please visit the following link:

How to View Metrics for an EC2 Instance

  • Locate to AWS Console -> EC2 -> Instances
  • Click on the instance you are interested in and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click on the “Monitoring” tab located at the bottom of the page
  • Click on any of the metrics to see the full report
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