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27 Jan 2014
Unity Data Dictionary Refresh

Hi everyone,
We're using Unity to replicate data between Production and DR servers.  I've found something with regards to Unity that I can't explain and am hoping someone out there can.
Table A doesn't exist on either Production or DR servers, and has never existed; the table is completely unknown to Unity.  If I issue a DROP TABLE A; command through Unity, an error is generated by Unity and an alert is logged in the Viewpoint portlet.  This is the desired behaviour.
I can then create table A using Unity and it exists on both Production and DR servers.  Similarly I can drop table A using Unity and the table is dropped from both Production and DR servers.
However if I issue another DROP TABLE A; statement (table has existed in the past, but does not currently exist), the error generated is different (appears to have come from Teradata servers, not Unity) and no alert is logged in the Viewpoint portlet.
The only explanation I can determine from this is that the table must remain in the Unity Data Dictionary for a period of time after it has been dropped.  Can anyone confirm this?  And if this is the case, is there a periodic refresh of the Unity Data Dictionary that would clear this record out?
Cheers, Damien.

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