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MFaizul_AManap 2 posts Joined 03/13
11 Mar 2013
TRM - Setting equal leads distribution in TRM 6.3

Hi all, 
Does anybody know how to set equal leads distributed in TRM 6.3?
For example, i've 5 campaigns running concurrently and im sending to the same salesperson/banker. how to configure in TRM so that the salesperson can get equally 5 leads for each campaigns?
hope you guys can help me on this :)

ANDYLING 2 posts Joined 07/09
02 Apr 2013

cycle pass

MFaizul_AManap 2 posts Joined 03/13
09 May 2013

Hi Andyling,
thanks for the reply
btw, can you elaborate more on that?

ANDYLING 2 posts Joined 07/09
17 Aug 2013

Cycle Pass – When running Multiple Comm, Cycle Pass acts as a means of mixing Leads between Comm for a particular Channel so no one Comm would ‘monopolize’ the Channel (important if Channel Limiting is used). If you implement Cycle Pass, you should do so Globally so one Comm won’t fill up the (limited) Channel at the expense of other Comm. Designed for ‘Human channels’ (ie: Sales people, Call Centre). Cycle Pass is an Optional and is only available at the First Step of a Comm Plan

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