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venugopal2705 5 posts Joined 08/11
10 Aug 2011
SQL Assistant 12 Shows some values in Status Bar "x ROWS PROCESSED" - What is this number?

I am using Teradata 12 SQL Assistant, In status bar most of the time I am getting some numbers which are not relevant to the command which I have executed successfully. Like

I have a table with single column and 2 records. When I drop the table, The status will be like " Completed, 15 Rows Processed"

Proper values come for Insert/Delete/Update on a Table

I just want to understnad what the above number signifies.

Please help me to understand this.

barryhull 31 posts Joined 05/11
16 Aug 2011

In the case of the drop table, it's the number of rows in the dictionary that are impacted by the drop. For instance, it will delete all of the rows in dbc.columns that are associated with the table being dropped.

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