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smarti01 2 posts Joined 02/16
16 Feb 2016
Linking/Joining Different Databases in Teradata

I am trying to link/join 2 different databases from 2 different servers in a query, but I can't seem to get it to work What is the trick?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
16 Feb 2016

This would require TD15 plus QueryGrid Teradata-to-Teradata.

mezahidali 6 posts Joined 11/14
17 Feb 2016

I have successfully create the Foreign Server between TD and TD but not able to select data: get error "Server object not associated with operator". then I tried to add IMPORT clause(syslib.load_from_td) and getting error function does not exists.
Here please note the verions information as well:
version: and same release.
Do we need to install something extra?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
17 Feb 2016

Yes, the Foreign Server grammar is built-in; but QueryGrid table operators are not. Contact your Teradata sales team for details.

mezahidali 6 posts Joined 11/14
18 Feb 2016

Thanks Fred for the input. Is there any specific reason that Teradata is not providing this TD to TD linked server by default. As in other DBMS like SQL server this feature helps to communicate between two different appliances. Which some time become tricky in Teradata.

KN 9 posts Joined 05/16
16 May 2016

Given that the table operators and grid connectors are installed wanted to know if query grid can talk from system running on 15.0 to a system on 15.10 or vice a versa?

ddmaddo 4 posts Joined 07/09
29 Jun 2016

Question to clarify about the QueryGrid T2T CREATE FOREIGN SERVER Command


ip_device / local_ips - The DNS name of the local Teradata nodes or the IP addresses of the local Teradata nodes. One or the other is required, but not both. ip_device supports a common node device name, but the device name found by using ifconfig must be on the same network

for all nodes of the system.


remotehost - The DNS host name or IP address of the remote Teradata Database system.


1. When it states, "The DNS name of the local or remote Teradata nodes", does that mean listing all of the Fully qualified DNS node name for all TPA Nodes on the local and remote Teradata systems? 

2. Can the local_ips and remotehost values be the DNS COPName for the local and remote Teradata systems?


I read:

1. An incident when the remotehost strings are greater than 256, an error ocurrs in the remote server QueryBand, and

2. All TPA nodes need to be listed in the local_ips and remotehost stings.

Danny Maddox

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