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Robert Peter 1 post Joined 10/14
08 Oct 2014
Jobs failing after upgrading Teradata Client from 13.0 to 13.1 in Abinitio

The teradata client in Abinitio was migrated to 13.1 from 13.0 after which we have seen a lot of jobs failing due to deadlock detection and ODBC connection issues. We are not able to find the root cause for this but the solution is to start the failed jobs 15-20 mins after failure after which it runs successfully. Should we check for any of the session settings when we migrate the client?The database is in version 13.1
Thanks for your help in advance

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
09 Oct 2014

It is my initial thought.
It can be  because of the settings in ab initio dbc file.
Did you test your ABINITIO dbc (not teradata dbc), say
m_db test abcdefghi.dbc against 13.10 or the select part with the dbc file of 13.10 just to test.
I am not sure if odbc 13 and 13.10 difference can be .....

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