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Claudia 4 posts Joined 09/09
22 Oct 2009
JMS Adapter.

Does anyone use JMS Adapter?

I have some issues with this tool:
1) When the queue has too many rows JMS Adapter try to insert into teradata with some value mixed. For example, into the field date it puts a number. And the row goes to the error table in Teradata.
2) When exists some NULL value JMS Adapter can not insert into Teradata.

Please, I need some help with this issues.

geonil 3 posts Joined 12/09
14 Dec 2009

It seems you are using JMS Adapter - Loader which is taking jms messages from the jms queue into the teradata.
JMS Adapter should insert the date value into the teradata when jms message contains proper date field value.
Also, null value should be accepted when the teradata table's column is defined as Nullable.

Could you give me more detailed information about your environment, requirement or what are you going to do?


sandipan23 2 posts Joined 05/10
03 Sep 2010

I have installed JMS Universal Connector and has followed all the steps to setup the tool with Tomcat appl server. When I an trying to login to Administrator UI I get following error: TERAJAM_VARIABLES does not exist. I didn't find a step to create this table. Any idea what is the structure of this table and its contents ?

geonil 3 posts Joined 12/09
03 Sep 2010

If you created a TD database user id as "abc", and if you set up this user to the different database without giving enough access rights, then this will be happened. You might see this error message box from the Administration UI as "Object 'TERAJMS_VARIABLES' does not exist." Give enough access rights the TD database user then try it again. Please provide me your logs if this happens after you modified access rights.


Samya 21 posts Joined 11/11
01 Jan 2012



I am using Teradata Universal Connector V 13. It is UI based . I want to customize and configure it for sending and 

receiving events using Java API,

so that I can invoke it through Java code 


Can anyone provide pointers on it.

- Samya

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