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jharvat 4 posts Joined 07/04
04 Jun 2014
Is anyone actual using Unity Source Link to read Oracle from Teradata?

Hi -
For certain use cases, Unity Source Link seems like just the thing to get us out of the ETL business.  We are just now rolling out 14.10 and installing and configuring our Unity servers.  My question - is anyone out there actually using Unity to read Oracel databases from Teradata?  If so, what are your impressions - ease of use - performance - etc.?
I would just like to have some clue as to what to expect before we iniitate our first POC.

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
04 Jun 2014

I was very curious when I saw this link sometime back. The reason was that Oracle has been using dblink since many years, within oracle only.
Unfortunately, I never get the chance to run this. But the syntax etc seem to be quite easy and user-friendly. All s/w tools and technologies these days are easy to learn. It is just a matter of getting tuned to it. :).
Please share your experience too. Maybe it will help  you set your expectations during POC.

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jharvat 4 posts Joined 07/04
25 Jun 2014

Bringing this to the top - kind of disappointed - is no one actually using Unity Source Link to access Oracle?  Anyone from Teradata - can you show any perforamcne info or statistics on this tool?  I hate to think I'm venturing to the bleeding edge alone again.

tomnolan 594 posts Joined 01/08
25 Jun 2014

@Joe said "Unity Source Link seems like just the thing to get us out of the ETL business"
Whether Unity Source Link provides adequate performance for your use cases would depend on many factors, including data volume, network connectivity, etc.
Unity Source Link uses ODBC to connect to Oracle, so I suspect that it might be able to replace a low-volume ETL process that transferred data from Oracle to Teradata, but it might not be a suitable replacement for a high-volume ETL process.
Regarding performance numbers, we (Teradata) typically do not publish that kind of information in a public forum. Since the performance depends on so many variables that differ from one customer to another, publishing performance numbers would be misleading to more customers than it would benefit.

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