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SeenuGuddu 15 posts Joined 07/11
26 Feb 2013
inserting string value in to table

Hi All,
i am just  trying to insert the million records if values into table but having the issues with this
i had the data in this formate 'PYE:879'-"sd4696' and i am not able to insert the records
Insert into Tab1 (Col1,COl2) Values ('Data','PYE:879'-"sd4696');
Can you please help on this issue

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
27 Feb 2013

You'll have to escape the single quote between the '9' an the '-' : '...9'-"...'

asadali.khan 11 posts Joined 10/10
27 Feb 2013

The Single quote after digit 9 is causing the issue becuse string terminates there due to that. Either remove it or add one more if one single quote is needed.
Insert into Tab1 (Col1,COl2) Values ('Data','PYE:879''-"sd4696');

Asad Ali Khan

SeenuGuddu 15 posts Joined 07/11
28 Feb 2013

Thanks guys for replying back.
The issue is single quote after 9 and this thorwing the error and the data has been fixed from the soruce after identifying the issue.

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