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18 Apr 2011
Help needed!


I try to bind a check list box in a .Net application to a TD datasource. In order to do this I have a {DataSet ds = new DataSet("D");} and { TdDataAdapter adapter = new TdDataAdapter("SELECT NAICS_CODE FROM \"DBIPAD02\".\"GIS_NAICS_READY\"", new TdConnection(cnsb.ToString()));}.

After executing the {adapter.Fill(ds);} which work well I do { MyCheckListBox.DataBindings.Add(new Binding("Text", ds, "DBIPAD02.GIS_NAICS_READY.NAICS_CODE"));}
and this is where everything collapse! In fact I do not know what kind of format I should use for : "DBIPAD02.GIS_NAICS_READY.NAICS_CODE". Based on the .Net documentation the path used by the databinding feature is based on "table.colname" and the "." is the separator used by the databinding feature......

I do not know what to do anymore and if someone has an idea that could help me a lot!



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19 May 2011

Break in the debugger after adapter.Fill and use Visual Studio to investigate the tables in the DataSet. Visual Studio has a Visualizer for DataSet; in the Watch windows type "ds" and then click the magnifier icon in the Value column.

The Table name in the DataSet is "Table" because the adapter does not have mappings. I think you should use Table.NAICS_CODE instead of DBIPAD02.GIS_NAICS_READY.NAICS_CODE.

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