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28 Nov 2013

Here is the script -
  CNT_PON_CTX_ID     (INTEGER)            
 ,CNT_PON_TYP_CD     (CHAR(3))            
 ,PTY_ID             (INTEGER)            
 ,PTY_CNT_PON_TYP_CD (CHAR(3))            
 ,CNT_PON_ADR_TYP_CD (CHAR(3))            
 ,NULL1              (CHAR(1))            
 ,ASC_OBJ_TYP_CD     (CHAR(3))            
 ,MDL_OBJ_ID_TX      (CHAR(40))           
 ,EFC_DT             (CHAR(10))           
 ,FILLER2            (CHAR(1))            
 ,EFC_HRS            (CHAR(2))            
 ,FILLER3            (CHAR(1))            
 ,EFC_MIN            (CHAR(2))            
 ,FILLER4            (CHAR(1))            
 ,EFC_SEC            (CHAR(2))            
 ,FILLER5            (CHAR(7))            
,EXY_DT             (CHAR(10),NULLIF= '??????????')     
,FILLER6            (CHAR(1),NULLIF='?')                
,EXY_HRS            (CHAR(2),NULLIF='??')               
,FILLER7            (CHAR(1),NULLIF='?')                
,EXY_MIN            (CHAR(2),NULLIF='??')               
,FILLER8            (CHAR(1),NULLIF='?')                
,EXY_SEC            (CHAR(2),NULLIF='??')               
,FILLER9            (CHAR(7),NULLIF='???????')          
,NULL2              (CHAR(1))                           
,CNT_EXT_SYS_ID     (SMALLINT)                          
,CNT_EXT_USR_ID     (CHAR(20))                          
,CNT_EXT_LCT_ID     (CHAR(20))                          
,CNT_SVV_DT          (CHAR(10))                         
,FILLER10           (CHAR(1))                           
,CNT_SVV_HRS         (CHAR(2))                          
,FILLER11           (CHAR(1))                           
,CNT_SVV_MIN         (CHAR(2))                          
,FILLER12           (CHAR(1))                           
,CNT_SVV_SEC         (CHAR(2))  
,FILLER13           (CHAR(7))   
is defined but the job is failing
 10:29:06 FDL4816 Statement rejected, cannot match elements with           
          EFC_HRS||':'||:EFC_MIN||':'||:EFC_SEC is not defined             
          EFC_MIN||':'||:EFC_SEC is not defined                            
          EXY_HRS||':'||:EXY_MIN||':'||:EXY_SEC is not defined             
          EXY_MIN||':'||:EXY_SEC is not defined                            
          CNT_SVV_HRS||':'||:CNT_SVV_MIN||':'||:CNT_SVV_SEC is not defined 
          CNT_SVV_MIN||':'||:CNT_SVV_SEC is not defined                    
 ====================================================== =============       
 =                                                                 =       
 =          Logoff/Disconnect                                      =       
 =                                                                 =       
 ====================================================== =============       
 10:29:06 Logging off all sessions                                         
 10:29:06 Total processor time used = '0.009488 Seconds'                   
 .        Start : Thu Nov 28 10:29:04 2013                                 
any suggestion

CHEERS! Dipanjan Mukherjee Wipro Technologies Technical Lead
dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
28 Nov 2013

FastLoad doesn't support concatenation, you need to use the MultiLoad protocol for that.


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