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LearnTD14 2 posts Joined 03/14
12 Mar 2014
Fast Export for tables having more than 600 Columns

I am facing an issue with fast export. I am extracting data using Fast export on unix environment from table which is having more than 600 columns. Now after extraction, one record is broken into multiple lines. For e.g,
According to the previous suggestions, I have tried casting all the columns to Char but it is failing saying "Excessively Complex Expression".
Please help me on solving this issue.

krishaneesh 140 posts Joined 04/13
12 Mar 2014

Please verify the length of the columns if there are any char columns please try to cast into varchar. Also i believe you are using  .export outfile /../datafile.csv MODE RECORD FORMAT TEXT; I do not think it is broken into multiple lines instead represented on multiple lines due to the width of the UNIX set. Can you confirm moving the cursor from one line to the other goes from one record to the other instead of one line to another. Also please check the stty settings of your environemnt. what is the column width for col11?

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
13 Mar 2014

To prove that it is one row (or so-called one line), you can  grep that value or you can use head and tail unix commands together,,i mean pipe;

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LearnTD14 2 posts Joined 03/14
14 Mar 2014

@Krishaneesh: Thanks for your reply
There are no char column, only varchar, date and decimal datatypes have been used and yes I am using .export outfile /../datafile.csv MODE RECORD FORMAT TEXT;
Actually it was broken into multiple lines because I tested it by creating a separate datafile with few records only. When I open the datafile, it shows one record in multiple lines.
Because the file size is very big I cannot open it in vi editor.

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