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mb255021 5 posts Joined 06/14
30 Mar 2015
Data Mover for Data Migration

Hey people,
We are planning to use Teradata Datamover to migrate data from an existing Teradata system to a new one.
This is a one time data movement, that is the entire source TD system will be replicated on to the target TD system(sort of a sustitute for NPARC that is usually used by CS/GTS to move data between non connected servers)
Has anyone been involved in a similiar activity before?
If so can you kindly share a plan/strategy that was followed etc?
Currently we are planning to manually replicate the database containers on the target system and then initiate the DM jobs.
We only have Teradata DM and not the entire unity suite.
The version fro DM is

HarshaKudumula 83 posts Joined 04/09
16 Apr 2015

In my previous client, we used data mover to copy the data from source TD System to Target system. it is very fast and efficent method than anyother method. we used command line interface to schedule the jobs to load the data to other TD system. It can also copy both Full and Partial tables. Data Mover don't have any scheduling tool , so we have to  scheduler to schedule the jobs. Can you elaborate on what exact plan are you looking into it.

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