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dineshks 3 posts Joined 05/16
04 May 2016

How to give  '10'xc (hexadecimal 10) as delimiter in BTEQ Unix it should be represented as ^p ?

dineshks 3 posts Joined 05/16
05 May 2016

when i use .EXPORT REPORT FILE mode am not getting ^p in my output as delimiter but when i use .EXPORT DATA mode am getting ^p as the delimiter but the data is in unreadable binary form. Is there a way to resolve this issue?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
05 May 2016

EXPORT REPORT was meant to be used for printinh, thus it removes all non-printable characters.
Use TPT with FORMAT = 'DELIMITED' instead.


dineshks 3 posts Joined 05/16
06 May 2016

i need to export all the tables from a set  of databases.using bteq i have created a file with select statements for all required tables. like select * from database name.tablename; for all tables.can you provide a sample script to just run this file in TPT and load it into a file. because i found from examples in net that we should provide columns in schema that is not possible in this case

DiEgoR 33 posts Joined 08/06
24 May 2016

dineshks, have you seen this already?

input output putput

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