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11 Dec 2015
activate Nontemporal operations with DBS CONTROL or Teradata Administrator

Hi there! I'm quite new by teradata.
After researching i understood that DBS CONTROL is an Utility that can be also executed wit Linux command, so i searched for such a directory it in the terminal of my
virtual machine but  i wasn't able to find it.
My goal is to find it and change the flag to activate the "nontemporal operations" .Considering in tools such bteq or sql assitent i'm getting the error 9240:" Nontemporal operation are disabled" i'm starting to think that we're talking about "Teradata Database configuration settings" which have to be changed in DBS CONTROL  and not about GRANTS which can be granted also in tool such TERADATA administrator
  Can anyone  explain me and tell me how, where to chage/grant them?
thanks in advance
P.S.I also tried with Teradata admistrator as DBC granting myself or childs "nontemporal grants" but i get the message 3524: the user does not have NONTEMPORAL WITH GRANT OPTION access to database DBC

CarlosAL 512 posts Joined 04/08
11 Dec 2015

Hi Fabrizio.
You can find it for yourself:
(better as root): find / -name dbscontrol
I find it easier to work with dbscontrol from xdbw, but you can use it from the command line too.
The field you are looking for is EnabNonTempoOp (in 'GENERAL').

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
14 Dec 2015

At Linux command prompt, enter tdatcmd to establish the environment for Teradata utilities and add them to the default search path.
Then you can run dbscontrol.

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