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How to install Teradata on UBUNTU Topic by nmkiran 26 Aug 2011 *** imp for interview

Hello everybody,

Nice to see many solutions with different options. I have teradata recently on windows, I like to install and do practice on linux too. Kindly help how to do. Thanks for understanding.


7 replies, 5 years ago
Fast load failure with return code 12 Topic by naresh236 28 Jul 2016

Hi All,
Recently we have upgraded from Teradata 14 to 15 since when we have started encountering an error in one of our fastloads.
The issue is we have a variable length file which is delimited by tab.

1 reply, 5 years ago
Linking/Joining Different Databases in Teradata Topic by smarti01 16 Feb 2016

I am trying to link/join 2 different databases from 2 different servers in a query, but I can't seem to get it to work What is the trick?

6 replies, 5 years ago
Error retrieving TWB root directory: Success (0) Topic by Joxo72 13 Jun 2016

When executing a script directly from the unix command line it works.
When doing so via crontab i get this error;
Error retrieving TWB root directory: Success (0)
Can you explain what the error actually means and why it might be recieved when executing an otherwise succesfull script via crontab?


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Return XML from REST API. Topic by gokul_ifs 06 Jun 2016

I am using REST API for driver less real time connectivity. My application passes input to a macro in JSON format and get returns output in JSON format.

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Unity Source Link Topic by Raja_KT 16 Jan 2014


DBCForeign.CreateLink!!!! will it accept to all DBs and even HIVE, HBASE, SQOOP etc?


Thanks and regards,


8 replies, 5 years ago
BSD compatibility Topic by Jane98 25 May 2016

Is it possible to connect to a Teradata database from BSD (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD)?  The official Teradata web site has ODBC drivers for Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Mac. So I guess BSD is not officially supported, but would any of these drivers work in BSD?

1 reply, 5 years ago
BTEQ - DELIMITER Topic by dineshks 04 May 2016

How to give  '10'xc (hexadecimal 10) as delimiter in BTEQ Unix it should be represented as ^p ?

4 replies, 6 years ago
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TPT - Load Operator consumes from a named pipe provided by a JNI process Topic by EricSantAnna 27 Jun 2012 java, tpt, teradata parallel transporter, pipe, jni

Hi Teradata Masters,

I'm trying to provide data to be consumed by a Load Operator in my TPT script throught a named pipe.
My DATACONNECTOR Producer: (all runs local on Windows)

    DESCRIPTION 'Define opcoes de leitura de arquivos'

8 replies, 6 years ago
TPT_INFRA: TPT01036: Error: Task (TaskID: 5, Task Name: SELECT_2[0001]) terminated due to the receipt of signal number 11 Topic by tiiiway 16 May 2016 TPT UPDATE

I have received the error below when using the ODBC.
Teradata Parallel Transporter Version
TPT_INFRA: Semantic error at or near line 145 of Job Script File 'PersBEPS_PERSONA_BEPS.tpt':
TPT_INFRA: TPT03276: Could not resolve column reference 'NumeroDocumentoPersona.  Expression is rejected.

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TPT 15.00.00 Topic by anand82 05 May 2016 #TPT #flat file

I am using TTU 15.00.00 and tried to export a teradata table into a FLAT FILE. I had no issues for some tables. But, I had the below error while extracting the data to a delimited flat file.
TPT_INFRA: TPT02638 : Error conflicting data length for column  (10) XXXX . Source columns data length (16) Target column data length (8).

1 reply, 6 years ago
Creating a generic TPT script without specifying columns Topic by Ismailask 04 May 2016 generic TPT, Define schema

Hi All,
Is there any method in TPT to build the script without defining the schema of the tables so that I can build one generic script and pass the tablename and databasename as parameter .
I'm trying this:
DEFINE SCHEMA Tables_SCHEMA @SourceTableName;

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TARA Backup Performance Topic by DannyChin 09 Mar 2016

Are there any performance differences between running 1 backup job using 8 streams and 8 concurrent jobs using 1 stream?

2 replies, 6 years ago
TPT API buffer mode format??, indicate?? a few infomation.... Topic by Kahan 02 May 2016
        returnValue = conn->GetEvent(TD_Evt_BufferLayout, &dataptr, &datalen);
      if ( returnValue < TD_Error && returnValue != TD_Unavailable ){
          buffersize = *((int*)dataptr);
          rowheadersize = *((int*)(dataptr + sizeof(int)));
          rowlengthsize = *((int*)(dataptr+2*sizeof(int)));
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Set Default week start day as Friday in Teradata Topic by keerthi1987 01 May 2016

We are generating weekly based customers report in application.In that previously we have used default in teradata,but We need to set defualt week start day as Friday that should be globle.
Example In Sql server,
SELECT DATEPART(WEEK,CAST('2015-01-01'AS DATE)) AS WeekNumber From UserTable;

1 reply, 6 years ago
Error handling in MLOAD Topic by user1973 28 Apr 2016

I am trying to use mload for loading data into teradata. Few rows in my file has column size errors. Log file did not show all the rows for the colimn size erros . My constraint violation error table was also empty along with my work table. My log table had few rows.
How i can know which rows did not get loaded? Why my constraint violation error table was empty? 

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Bug with TPT Update Operator Topic by Robinhood 28 Apr 2016

Hi Steve ,
Eariler we was using TTU 13.10 version ,our jobs were running perfectly through Informatica in which we are using TPT connection .After upgrading TTU from 13.10 to 14.10 ,now our jobs are failing with Transaction aborted due to deadlock .Is there any issue with TTU 14.10 .We are not able to figure out the issue .

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Silent install. bat Topic by bluenoes 23 Sep 2015

I am trying to carry out a silent isntall of teradata 15 for deployment via SCCM.
The documentation refers to a silent_install.bat file to detail components required for the install, but this file does not exist in the download.
Please can anyone advise where to obtain the silent install file?

1 reply, 6 years ago
How to replicate the values Topic by kumarvaibhav1992 17 Apr 2016 #database #teradata
Hi All,

I want to Write a query to duplicate each row based on the value in the repeat column? The input table data looks like as below

Products, Repeat
A,         3
B,         5
C,         2
2 replies, 6 years ago
Adding column headers to TPT export files - FILE_WRITER/EXPORT_OPERATOR operator Topic by dsampath 18 Apr 2016

I am using EXPORT_OPERATOR() and FILE_WRITER() operators to export data from table into a CSV file.
Is there an option that I can enable in either of these two operators to include the column header in the output file.  This option ususally exists in all client tools and ETL tools.

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How to use Loops Topic by kumarvaibhav1992 09 Apr 2016 #database #teradata

Hi All ,
I have my table like this :
Id Name Country
1   Vaibhav India
2    Amit     UK
3     Pranav  US
I want to read all the records by the max number of records present using  count(id) ,3 in this case  and just increment the counter by 1 for each records processed .Simultaneously i wanted to print the result of my counter variable.

2 replies, 6 years ago
TPT Wizard Not Showing columns in Job Source Topic by Natu 09 Apr 2016

Hi Guys,
I am trying to use TPT for reading data from oracle to teradata, when i try to choose Job Source it just keeps on spinning but my columns are not getting displayed.
I use TPT 14.10.
Java version i tried with 1.5.0, 1.6.0,1.7.0 and 1.8.0 but same error continues.
Below is the java message from TPT,

java version "1.5.0_22"

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Teradata Practice Scenerios Topic by kumarvaibhav1992 03 Apr 2016 #database #teradata#sql

Hi ,
I want to practice some Query scenerios in teradata,can any one suggest me some blogs or links because i'm not able to find any links with set of good questions.

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How to find number of concurrent users in Teradata Topic by Mishti 02 May 2012


Can anybody please tell me how to find number of concurrent users firing query in teradata at a particular time in PAST.. lets say yesterday.

Can we do this in Pmon ( although we can see all the active users in Pmon, I want to see no. of maximum concurrent users at a specific point of time in past).

Please do reply..Its very urgent!!

8 replies, 6 years ago