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Segmentation Module Error Topic by FJ 04 Jun 2007

Hi,When i create a single-step communication and specify a segment in the segmentation module it gives me following error:Memory: 25300 Virtual Memory: 18024 PID: 5972 05/21/2007 2:42:45 PM CPS Form - CPS Form - 3.10.68 Run Error: Base CPS CPS Manager -CPS SERVER=1 Base CPS CPS Manager -3.10.83 Find Next Segment Error: Base CPS Base CPS Database: CPS Find Next Segment Reset Segment Error: Base CPS Base CPS Database: Reset SQL Error: 12.970.131 The following error was encountered in a metadata query: Division ID = 0Application ID = 9Section ID = 10Query ID = 1003[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata RDBMS] Column LOCID not found in TEAM2DR.IOS1_BBBBWQPDBBB3T. 12.970.128 EODBC Database Error: SubError: 0 ErrorCode: -1 NativeErrorCode: -5628 Message: [NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata RDBMS] Column LOCID not found in TEAM2DR.IOS1_BBBBWQPDBBB3T. The offending query was written to file - C:\CIOS\errlog\0x9x10x1003_5976_14t42t39t839.err By Machine - WPKFJ250001-7IX User Name - SYSTEM Note: This error occures when i create a segment through the GUI of segmentation module.

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TCRM Migration Topic by wannabGURU 23 Aug 2007

I recently upgraded my IOS from v5.01.00.00 to v When i create a single step communication and enter the segment tab the following exception appears : CRM application error : 12.960.80The following field was not found in the TDataArray: SEED_CAMP_QTY_IND.I ignored the error, created a segment and when i validated it, it reports that no segments are created.

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2007 Annual Teradata CRM User Group Meeting at Partners Conference, Las Vegas Topic by Carol Barker 10 Aug 2007

MARK YOUR CALENDARS TO ATTEND this year's annual Teradata CRM User Group meeting at the PARTNERS Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's session will showcase innovative CRM implementations from around the world as winners of our first annual Teradata Marketing Leadership Awards program will take the stage to share highlights of their winning submissions. (to learn more about Teradata Marketing Leadership Awards, visit: CRM User Group SessionThursday, October 11, 2007 - 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.Location: Mandalay Bay Resort - Meeting Room - Palm DThe Teradata CRM User Group Session is designed to help you expand your knowledge of CRM best practices by supplying you with practical references and techniques for maximizing your return from your Teradata CRM software. You will discover new ideas that you can immediately put to use! For more information on the Partners conference please visit: And, for more information about Teradata User Groups, please visit: you're interested in attending, please rsvp to

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ANNOUNCING - FIRST ANNUAL TERADATA CRM Awards Program Topic by Carol Barker 01 May 2007

Attention all TCRM Users! Announcing the first annual Teradata Marketing Leadership Awards program! This is a competition amongst TCRM users (all versions) designed to honor and showcase organizations that have demonstrated innovative and creative uses of the TCRM application. The Marketing Leadership Award winners will present their winning submissions at the Teradata Partners CRM User Group meeting in October 2007 in Las Vegas. There are four categories in which to compete: *CRM Innovation*Transforming the Organization*Customer Strategy *Rising Star (for newer users of the application)To find out more and to download the application form, please go to the following web-site: Good luck!

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Are Follow Ups necessary in Comm. Plans? Topic by chicken & telephone ice cream 14 Mar 2007

Hi,I was wondering if we can go straight from a Timeout to another Step, instead of going through a Follow Up. IMHO Is there a legacy reason for using Follow Ups? AFAIK I can connect non-terminating Timeouts directly to another step. However, Teradata folks during our setup seem to always use Follow Ups. So, there must be a reason, right?Thanks,-- Johnny

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CRM - Online Middle Tier Topic by cgard 15 Mar 2007

Has anyone experienced any performance issues this week after the daylight saving time happened? We have seen performance issues on this middle tier server twice this week and I am just checking to see if others have seen similar issues.

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Legends Report Topic by kafrynrich 12 Mar 2007

I have a manual report that was created to help show where the database fields are in the legends mapping. I have gotten behind on it since legends and columns are changed and added frequently. Does any one have SQL that they use for a report that is similar to this or do you have any suggestions on a better way to keep up with this report?Here are the columns that I use and a small sample (I had to pst it this way so that it would show correctly in the posting page):Columns:ModuleTabTable / ViewTCRM Segmentation SelectionSQL Field added through TCRMCategory DefinitionTime IntervalField Reference for Time IntervalData Row 1:CustomerAbsoluteI0023B_ADRStateST_PVN_CDHouseholdCurrentNAData Row 2:Store LocationRegion/Districti0050C_LCTDistrictDIT_NBRStore ActivityYearCAL_DTThanks,Kathryn

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Choosing a date range with only the date and month, i.e., without the year Topic by chicken & telephone ice cream 15 Feb 2007

Hi,When choosing your segment in a communication in the TCRM 5 GUI, is it possible to choose a date range with only the date and month specified, i.e., without specifying the year?I am talking about the feature that lets you choose between a floating duration and a fixed range.Thanks.

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Process and Resource Alignment Topic by Charm City CRMer 26 Jan 2007

While working on a financial customer's implementation, I discovered they combined the advanced analytics team with the campaign management team. How are other organizations set up? Is this unique for the financial services industry? What are some of the benefits you've found by sharing the resources?

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Automated Refeshing of CRM Legends Topic by Robby 16 Jan 2007

We currently have over 500 Legends in our CRM Application and we manually refresh Legends as needed using the CRM Metadata application.Does anyone have a way to automate such a refresh?

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Welcome to the Marketing Tips and CRM Best Practices User Discussion Forum! Topic by Carol Barker 18 Jan 2007

This site is intended for CRM practioners, analysts, strategists - anyone with an interest in CRM around the world wanting to share tips and best practices that all users both technical and business will find useful. This forum is for you, our TCRM customers and we welcome any suggestions for improvement. Keep it alive by posting your thoughts and ideas!

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targeting in CRM TERADATA Topic by master251 21 Nov 2006

I have a rather complex question about the use of the targeting in CRM TERADATA. If I want to make the targeting on a client relationship. For example: For example, is it possible to target the 35 years old customers having a 28 years old wife?. Is it possible? Can i go up in the customer hierarchy to target the spouse? Thank you

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How can I track the use of legends? Topic by murprhp 02 Oct 2006

We have many legends available, and I would like to determine which ones are being referenced in campaigns and how often. Is there a simple way to do this in the GUI, or a query anyone has already written to obtain this information.Thanks,Ryan

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