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Big Batch Running long Topic by Ince 08 May 2008

HiOur big batch have been automatically scheduled to run everyday from 5pm.Mostly it runs fine during the week,but runs long over the weekend.We do our weekly back ups on weekend, and release all the held jobs to run after completing the back ups,but the biggest problem is that it runs for almost 14hours until we kill it.Normally it runs for 30 minutes.Please advice

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Submitted Jobs going to Waiting Status Topic by qjeste 07 May 2009

Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum and thought I should get some help/feedback as to why some jobs go into Wait mode and is put in the Waiting section in my Inbox. Or I would go to the Taskbroker to watch a submitted communication job finish the segment query but the Output Job never appears. I check the errlogs and find in the cps.log file that the file: Base CPS CPS Manager -3.10.94 Retailerization Error: Cannot create file "C:\CIOS\Buffers\MCMC_APPL_DB_BufferRegistry9.dta". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process I'm currently using CRM 5.1 but we plan to go to v6 sometime within the next few months. But while I wait I have this very annoying problem. Any help would be appreciated. I didn't want to have to go and log in an incident until I got some info on why I'm getting the error.Thank in advance for your responses/feedback.Quy

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What is the difference between TCRM Analytical Functionality and Tearadata TWM Functionality Topic by SHANTVCI 27 Mar 2009

What are the additional functionality Teradata provides under TCRM than what is available under TWM product of Teradata?

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Communication Personalization Topic by Ince 02 Dec 2008

HiI have read this chapter, Real-Time Communications, it says I should load data into IOS_CM_CHANN_CUST for real time event campaigns, the problem is that when I load data into this table, it causes Batch to fail.Has anyone work with Real-Time campaigns?Please help.

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Loading Data to IOS tables Topic by Ince 01 Dec 2008

HiDoes anyone knows how to load data into IOS_CMS_CHANN_CUST table, I have tried to load data into this tables and it causing Batch to fail.Please advice.Thanks

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how can we skip the multi load statement if the file is empty Topic by rajesh4u4e 23 Nov 2008

Hi I am new to teradata. I am using Teradata on unix. I am facing some problem. can anyone help me please.this is the can we skip the multi load statement if the file is empty.grep 'test' file1> file2mload statement with file2 Thanks,Rajesh

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technologies Topic by allpubs 23 Nov 2008

We like to know if there are technologies like those posted at Thanks

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TCRM User Documentation Topic by asmith 18 Nov 2008

Does anyone know of any TCRM user documentation? More specifically, I'm a TCRM user who is new to the tool. My company has the administator documentation that tells me how CPS and RPS interact, but there is no documents about how to schedule a recurring communciation, when and how to use multi-step communications, etc. I've figured out how to run single step campaigns, but can tell there is much more I could be doing. Unfortunately with the economy being tough right now attending a training semiar that would answer this is out of the question so I'm hoping to self-teach a little bit.Thanks,Adam

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Real_Time Campaign Topic by Ince 12 Nov 2008

Hi GuysWe are now working on creating events on the TCRM application. I have been through the documentation but there are some things that don't make sense to me. This is what has been done so far:• Created events in Communication Manager Administrator • Created a Real-time Communication Type ( we did not have this) • A view was created for one of the events, Significant Deposits (or Large Deposits) My question is, how do we link the view to the Campaign? The documentation does say that there has to be data in the IOS_CM_DIRECT_INJECT. How do I get data in there? I know in my head that there should be a trigger that should populate that table, but how?What should be done on batch in terms of the scripts? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ince

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TCRM RollUp Functions Topic by Ince 05 Nov 2008

Hi AllI have created a view that calculates the number of events performed by a client for 90 days, and further created the Legend to look at this field, i.e. number of credit event , and I have used the SUM function to give the total number of events done in 90 days.The problem Im experiencing is that when I use TCRM Query to count the number of cleints who have done the number of events from >=1 and < 8 and get nothing, but when I run the view referenced by TCRM I get the results.What could be the problem, and what can I do to solve this problem.Below is the query generated by TCRM:SELECTCOUNT(*) FROM "EIWTCRM"."VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT" "VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT" JOIN "EIWTCRM"."VW_ACCT_PARTY" "VW_ACCT_PARTY" ON ("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."ACCOUNT_NUM" = "VW_ACCT_PARTY"."ACCOUNT_NUM") WHERE ("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."SB_EVENT_PROCESSING_DT" BETWEEN '09/01/2008'(DATE,FORMAT 'MM/DD/YYYY') AND '11/30/2008'(DATE,FORMAT 'MM/DD/YYYY')) HAVING ((SUM("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."COUNT_CREDIT_EVENTS") >= 1) AND (SUM("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."COUNT_CREDIT_EVENTS") < 8)) GROUP BY "VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."ACCOUNT_NUM";Regards,Ince

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TCRM Legends Topic by Abhi93 08 Oct 2008

I got existing Legend which is used for customer age from customer table, however i need to use same legend incorporating customer age from a table called target_customers. Therefore when campaigns are build user will have choice either to select customer age from customer table or target_customers or bothI could not find how to use multiple source or tables for legends.

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Adding Negative Topic by Ince 20 Aug 2008

TCRM does not take negative values, does any knows how to include negatives values on TCRM?E.g. Value Range from -100 to 100

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Upcoming CRM and Advanced Analytics User Group Event at PARTNERS 2008 Topic by Carol Barker 21 Jul 2008

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!Advanced Analytics & CRM Combined User Group MeetingSunday, October 12, 20087:30am: Registration Opens8:00am - 12:30pm: User Group MeetingMandalay Bay ALas Vegas, NV The Advanced Analytics and CRM User Groups are joining forces at the 2008 PARTNERS conference to host an integrated agenda designed to give both user group attendees a more comprehensive session. Advanced Analytics plays a critical role in successful CRM initiatives, thus making an integrated session more appealing and useful so that participants can attend jointly and deepen their understanding of both practices and linkages between them. The session will begin with a world-renowned keynote speaker who has studied, presented and written about analytics and CRM for many years: Professor Mohan Sawhney from Kellogg School of Management. Following the keynote, Advanced Analytics and CRM customers and experts will take the stage to discuss their hands-on experiences from both sides of the equation. Interaction for this session will be encouraged, so come prepared to ask questions!   Please check the Partners website (below) for session abstracts and speakers.

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supporting action persistance Topic by jcastillo 23 Jun 2008

Hello,We're embarking on making more extensive use of Supporting Actions within our CRM databases and downstream processing. I am trying to gain a better understanding of how the PERSIST_IND works in the context of Supporting Actions, and here is the picture I have in my mind at present:You might have an "primary" lead, P, (Supporting_Action_Id = 0)You might have a couple of Supporting Actions related to the above "primary" lead, SA1 and SA2.Lets assume SA1 has Persist_Id set to 0 and SA2 has Persist_Id set to 1. Hence assuming the arrow shows time:[font=Courier New] ------------------------------------------------------>P ------| terminated by channel responseSA1 ------| terminated by CM as a result of P terminationSA2 ----------------------------------------------------....[/font][font=Courier New] ------------------------------------------------------>P ------| terminated by CM as a result of SA2 terminationSA1 ------| terminated by CM as a result of SA2 terminationSA2 ------| terminated by channel response[/font]Can anyone please confirm whether this understanding is correct?Also: is it possible to have persistance against a primary lead (or is this only available for Supporting Actions)?Many thanks.JC

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Collect Statistic on IOS tables Topic by Ince 09 May 2008

HiOn the WHERE CLAUSE, do I mention all the tables that I need to collect statistics on?Refer to the script provided on the TCRM maintenance guideline below/**/*----------------------------------------------------------------------------Description:This SQL will generate a Collect Statistics script for all of the columnsof each index in dbc.Indices.Instructions:1. Replace @YOURDATABASENAME w/ the correct DatabaseName2. Modify the "where" clause as necessary to target specific tables3. Execute this SQL and capture the resulting "Collect Stats" scripts4. Execute the resulting Collect Stats script as necessaryRequirements:- Select access to DBC database----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/select (case Min_Poswhen 1 then 'Collect Statistics on ' ||trim(upper(DatabaseName)) || '.' ||trim(upper(TableName)) || ' INDEX ('else ' ,' end) ||trim(upper(ColumnName)) ||(case Max_Poswhen 1 then ');'else '' end)from(selectDatabaseName,TableName,ColumnName,IndexNumber,ColumnPosition,rank() over (partition by DatabaseName, TableName, IndexNumber order by ColumnPosition)Min_Pos,rank() over (partition by DatabaseName, TableName, IndexNumber order by ColumnPositiondesc) Max_Posfrom dbc.Indiceswhere DatabaseName in('@YOURDATABASENAME')and TableName not like all ('IOSV%', 'IOS1%' , 'IOS2%', 'IOS3%', 'IOS4%', 'IOS5%')) xxxorder bydatabasename, tablename, indexnumber, columnposition;/*----------------------------------------------------------------------------Description:This SQL will generate a Collect Statistics script for individual columnsof index fields.Instructions:1. Replace @YOURDATABASENAME w/ the correct DatabaseName2. Modify the "where" clause as necessary to target specific tables3. Execute this SQL and capture the resulting "Collect Stats" scripts4. Execute the resulting Collect Stats script as necessaryRequirements:- Select access to DBC database----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/select'Collect Statistics on ' ||trim(upper(a.TableName)) ||' Column ' ||trim(upper(ColumnName)) ||';' ansfromdbc.indices awhere12.3 Periodic Maintenance Tasks12-63a.DatabaseName = '@YOURDATABASENAME' and-- Modify the TableName where clause to target specific tablesa.TableName like any ('IOS%','WCM%') anda.TableName not like all ('IOSV%', 'IOS1%' , 'IOS2%', 'IOS3%', 'IOS4%', 'IOS5%')order byTableName, ColumnPosition;**/

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IOS table statistics Topic by Ryan Murphy 05 Nov 2007

Today I discovered that our IOS_ tables have no statistics defined, and I believe this may be contributing to a significant system performance degradation we're experiencing. Is anyone aware of any best practices documentation covering IOS table statistics? The issue concerns only the IOS_ tables, like IOS_ECAMP and IOS_ECAMP_X_SEG.

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how tos of CRM ios schd jobs Topic by wannabet 14 Apr 2008

Does anyone have a script that can be used to purge old CRM job executions form the IOS_SCHD_JOBS, IOS_SCHD_TASK, and IOS_SCHD_TASKS tables. Our environment is getting pretty crowded after over a year of testing and production job executions. So crowded that when my users login to CRM they hang at the processing completed jobs step of the login.

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Buffers not downloading Topic by Kika 08 Apr 2008

Hi All, our CRM application is not downloading the buffers. we cannot check the setup in metadata as we are unable to log on. if we check in task manager it says Not responding for all component(CPS,RPS, taskBroker) when we restart the services they are not coming up. below is the error in the logs. what could be the problem..970.131 The following error was encountered in a metadata query: Division ID = 0Application ID = 9Section ID = 900Query ID = 11000[NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Syntax error, expected something like a name or a 'ROWID' keyword between '(' and '@'. 12.970.128 EODBC Database Error: SubError: 0 ErrorCode: -1 NativeErrorCode: -3707 Message: [NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Syntax error, expected something like a name or a 'ROWID' keyword between '(' and '@'. CREATE MULTISET TABLE ModelImportTable ( VarFld1 Float ) UNIQUE PRIMARY INDEX (@IndexFields)thanks

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CRMIOS Tables and Journaling Topic by Robby 11 Apr 2007

The DBA's would like to turn off Fallback and Journaling on tables in the CRMIOS Database.

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EDW Metrics Dashboard Topic by Sam_989898 19 Mar 2008

Hi - I am looking for some EDW Metrics or sample Dashboards or presentations which can show the value EDW brings to the organization. I appreciate if you have something available to share with meThanks in advanceRam

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TCRM Error in TSegTableCreate.BUILDSQL Topic by Krishna Seethamraju 20 Feb 2008

Hi All,I am getting the following error in TCRM. Could you please guide me as to what the issue could be?Error in TSegTableCreate.BUILDSQL : 9.10.10560 Error in TAdHocSqlGen.Run - Part IIITQueryServerRelativeDate.getHardcodedDateFormulaString: The date origin you selected for your floating dates is not setup in the CRM Metadata.Origin date selected: "0

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Intelligent cross-selling and up-selling Topic by Charm City CRMer 05 Apr 2007

Hi All,I have 3 discussion questions that I'd like to throw out to the group.1) How do you leverage your inbound channel and customer analytics to drive intelligent cross-sell and up-sell initiatives, ensuring the best opportunity is presented to each customer?

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Channel failure - Number of unsent leads Topic by judy 30 Oct 2007

If TCRM channel process fails we'd like to be able to log which communications are affected and the estimated number of leads that have not been sent for each of the communications as a result. Has anybody got any advice on the best way of doing this?

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CRM Taskbroker / RPS Services Not found Topic by FJ 11 May 2007

Hi,(Note:I am doing installation on windows XP)When i choose to install CRM Online / Offline servers separately.then after installation of offline server i do get the Taskbroker.exe and RPS.exe but couldnt find their respective servics.So both of these applications do get stuck.I know tht offline server should be installed on Win Server 2000 but could anyone find me the solution so that i can c

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TCRM Chinese Help Files Topic by judy 05 Sep 2007

I'm working with a Chinese version of TCRM. Although we have been given some documentation translated from English to Chinese we have been told that there have not been full Chinese Help files developed for TCRM. Does anyone know if there are Chinese Help files available or any plans to develop Help files in Chinese?

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