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jhinman 1 post Joined 05/09
17 Sep 2010
TRM and dialog marketing

We have recently upgraded to TRM6.2. I am interested in creating multi-step communications but haven't done this yet. I followed the directions of setting up a Response and disposition code and created a multistep communication, using the User guide from training. I ran the communication and have results in the first output but zero in the second. I found that the base segment table has a disposition code and updated some records using the new disposition code that I created earlier, thinking that it the communication uses that as the flag for the second step. I then reran the communication but came up with the sam results. I know that there has to be some type of update but I don't quite understand how it all works. Could someone help guide me in what I am missing? Also, how does multi step communications tie to Collateral redemption?

dcarmer 3 posts Joined 03/09
02 Nov 2010

Jennifer -

I'm assuming that when you're running a Communication, that you're running it on it's own using the "Submit" options (Submit for Lead Generation, Lead Generation and Output, or Output only). The two basic operations being performed by each of the options are as follows:
1. Lead Generation processes your Segment Plan and finds all matching customer records and pushes them into Step 1 of your Communication.
2. Output processes all newly arrived leads (customer records) at all steps and produces output.

So rerunning the Communication is only going to push more leads into Step 1 and Output will never see anything on downstream steps.

To move Leads from one Step to another, you have to have one of the following occur...
A) Leads need to Time-Out and move to the Step Identified as the Time-Out Action Step
B) Receive a Response that move to the Step Identified as the Response Action Step

The first event is a function of time; you've set the Time-Out period on the step and after that time transpires, the leads will move on.
The second event is a function of other processes that put rows into the RT_Channel_Response table.

But in both cases, to make these events apply to the Communication you need to run the Nightly or Intra-Day batch job. This is what ages and applies responses to the Leads.

I hope this helps.

David Carmer

romeshsheth 2 posts Joined 03/11
17 Mar 2011

Hi David,

I do not know this is the right Place to ask this question or not.

I would love to hear High level approach to upgrade TCRM v5.2 batch (perl) to TRM v 6.0 batch (submit group).

and I would like to get information about Conatct management Framework. Any suggestions on CMF Software.


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20 Mar 2011

Thanks you for the post.
Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.

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30 Jun 2011

Hi Romesh,

Tell me clearly what u r facing problem in TRM.

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24 May 2012

Hello Guys !!!! I hope there is someone who can help me out here. I have found an article which gives you the short piece of code to add Add Multiple Entities to a Marketing List. So far so good. I'm coming across this problem. I have a custom lookup field which gets another marketing list inside the marketing member list. Now I need to migrate those members into my new marketing list. Its Good...

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12 Jun 2013

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