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26 Dec 2013
Teradata CRM


Products matter but customer satisfaction results count. Teradata CRM offers superior advantages compared to other competitors, it seems.


I have a look at Teradata Active Warehouse ingredients consisting of:

Active access where end users can get alerts, analytical results in fraction of seconds.

Active events where events are continuosly managed, filtered and actions taken based on business rules.

Active load Alomost near real-time load  to ensure active access and active events.

Active Enterprise Integration where the links to continuous feeds from web-based applications or applications


Active workload management where operational and strategic workloads are managed.

Active Availability  making DW avaialble from business critical to mission critical.



I have a look at TCRM:


Customers need to be fed with up-to-date information. Detailed value discovery  analytics can be streamed into  Teradata CRM's tools, which offer multitudes of customer view 


(data) to be exploited. 


Teradata's strength in segmentation module seems really interesting. A single view of customer consolidated of activities  across the enterprise.Cross-segmentation analysis, 


buying patterns,

product affinity analysis,demography etc. The campaign management drive and ROI are going hand in glove. I  have a look at this I am happy.


I would like to know the communication Director.What automated campaigns can be configured for EBM?


I would like to know the in-house integration of the TCRM and TD plaform, because if it is easy to 

exploit since they are in the same house, then it is a big advantage.


Various optimizations like offer,campaign,contact, channel look interesting and I hope they are plug and play configuration.


Since it is a meta-data driven application , it seems to be easy to configure and meet business requirements. 

It seems that implementation is quick compared to other CRM tools.


CRM folks, any comment?




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