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05 Nov 2008
TCRM RollUp Functions

Hi AllI have created a view that calculates the number of events performed by a client for 90 days, and further created the Legend to look at this field, i.e. number of credit event , and I have used the SUM function to give the total number of events done in 90 days.The problem Im experiencing is that when I use TCRM Query to count the number of cleints who have done the number of events from >=1 and < 8 and get nothing, but when I run the view referenced by TCRM I get the results.What could be the problem, and what can I do to solve this problem.Below is the query generated by TCRM:SELECTCOUNT(*) FROM "EIWTCRM"."VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT" "VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT" JOIN "EIWTCRM"."VW_ACCT_PARTY" "VW_ACCT_PARTY" ON ("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."ACCOUNT_NUM" = "VW_ACCT_PARTY"."ACCOUNT_NUM") WHERE ("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"." SB_EVENT_PROCESSING_DT" BETWEEN '09/01/2008'(DATE,FORMAT 'MM/DD/YYYY') AND '11/30/2008'(DATE,FORMAT 'MM/DD/YYYY')) HAVING ((SUM("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"." COUNT_CREDIT_EVENTS") >= 1) AND (SUM("VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"." COUNT_CREDIT_EVENTS") < 8)) GROUP BY "VW_ACCT_DAY_CREDIT_EVENTS_CNT"."ACCOUNT_NUM"; Regards,Ince

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