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25 Mar 2010
Taskbroker is not assigning tasks to RPS components

Hi All,

We are facing a problem in configuring the TCRM to a new TD box. Initially TCRM was pointing to a different TD box where jobs were running fine. Now after configuring the TCRM to new TD box, no jobs are running fine. Please provide some inputs on this.
Below are the steps which we followed to configure TCRM to the new TD box (TD 12 box)
1. Just replaced the ip address of the DSN, so that it points to the new TD box.
2. Refreshed the buffer, restarted the services and connected to all components (CRM,Metadata utility & Security Manager)
All the components looked fine. They are all connected to the new TD.

I submitted a Quick Count job, but its not running fine. It just goes to 'Waiting to be Assigned State' and stays there without proceeding to Running queue.
What I found is that.. IOS_SCHD_JOBS, IOS_SCHD_TASK,IOS_SCHD_TASKS are populated with the job details which was submitted, but I don't find any entry in IOS_TASK_SVR_ASGN. It looks like Taskbroker is not able to assign tasks to RPS components.
I feel we missed out some configuration changes. Please some help me on this, as i have been struggling with this for the past 3 days.


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