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23 Jun 2008
supporting action persistance

Hello,We're embarking on making more extensive use of Supporting Actions within our CRM databases and downstream processing. I am trying to gain a better understanding of how the PERSIST_IND works in the context of Supporting Actions, and here is the picture I have in my mind at present:You might have an "primary" lead, P, (Supporting_Action_Id = 0)You might have a couple of Supporting Actions related to the above "primary" lead, SA1 and SA2.Lets assume SA1 has Persist_Id set to 0 and SA2 has Persist_Id set to 1. Hence assuming the arrow shows time:[font=Courier New] ------------------------------------------------------ >P ------| terminated by channel responseSA1 ------| terminated by CM as a result of P terminationSA2 ---------------------------------------------------- ....[/font][font=Courier New] ------------------------------------------------------ >P ------| terminated by CM as a result of SA2 terminationSA1 ------| terminated by CM as a result of SA2 terminationSA2 ------| terminated by channel response[/font]Can anyone please confirm whether this understanding is correct?Also: is it possible to have persistance against a primary lead (or is this only available for Supporting Actions)?Many thanks.JC

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