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07 May 2009
Submitted Jobs going to Waiting Status

Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum and thought I should get some help/feedback as to why some jobs go into Wait mode and is put in the Waiting section in my Inbox. Or I would go to the Taskbroker to watch a submitted communication job finish the segment query but the Output Job never appears. I check the errlogs and find in the cps.log file that the file: Base CPS CPS Manager -3.10.94 Retailerization Error: Cannot create file "C:\CIOS\Buffers\MCMC_APPL_DB_BufferRegistry9.dta". The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process I'm currently using CRM 5.1 but we plan to go to v6 sometime within the next few months. But while I wait I have this very annoying problem. Any help would be appreciated. I didn't want to have to go and log in an incident until I got some info on why I'm getting the error.Thank in advance for your responses/feedback.Quy

04 Aug 2009

Hi,Please clear your buffers on the servers at the same time clear your loacl buffers to,then this job's will get picked up,and also make sure that the scheduled time is correct,if there is delay then they will be in waiting state..Cheers,Suneel Veluru

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