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asmith 3 posts Joined 11/08
04 Dec 2008
Segment Names In Recurring Communication

Hello,I'm currently setting up a recurring commmunication for one of the communications that we run every 2 weeks. I've succeeded in getting it to run correctly and on time. I also see that each time it runs the "child" communciation has a date stamp added to its name. However, in each child run the same segment name is applied to the output file. So if I load the output files from two runs and key off of segment name (as our downstream vendor does) there is no way to tell who was in which communication. Is there a way to add a date parameter to the segment name in a recurring communication?Thanks,Adam

Tuvix 7 posts Joined 04/07
04 Dec 2008

Is it possible to also key off other fields? Or, perhaps, add an extra field to the layout?The easiest unique identifier would be to use ecamp_id. This will be different for each run. You could use this in conjunction with the segment name.Or, you could incorporate this as part of the segment name, or, for that matter, a date variable.If you're not already using a view for output, you could create a view, then...have one of the view fields defined as:trim(segment_name) || '-' || trim(ecamp_id) as segment_nameortrim(segment_name) || '-' || trim(current_date) as segment_nameYou'd have to mess around with the format statement for the date to get it the way you want, and perhaps mess around the concatenation construct (not sure I like the dash '-''s a starting place).Or, simply output both the segment name and the ecamp_id into 2 separate fields. The ecamp_id is stored in the internal CRM tables, so if you ever needed to tie back to anything from your campaign, you'd have the ecamp_id on the list to do so.

Natalyah44 1 post Joined 08/09
30 Aug 2009

Glad to hear you're using this: I plan to keep it much more aggressively up-to-date than has been the case in the past, but don't hesitate to let me know if you find errors or need clarifications.Cheers!Natalyah[/color][color=#FFFFFF]Une simulation credit auto instannee et facile ici si vous avez unevoiture[/color][/color]

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