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Robby 3 posts Joined 01/07
11 Apr 2007
CRMIOS Tables and Journaling

The DBA's would like to turn off Fallback and Journaling on tables in the CRMIOS Database. Specifically, IOS_ECAMP*, IOS_SCHD*, IOS_TBL* as well as others.Since I came into this job when CRM was already up and going, I am assuming that these are system tables and they shipped as-is with Journaling turned on.Is there a problem with letting the DBAs turnoff the Journaling on the CRM IOS tables?

cgard 3 posts Joined 09/04
12 Apr 2007

What is your DBA's reasoning for during Fallback and Journaling off?

jrs 3 posts Joined 03/07
25 Mar 2008

My DBAs asked the same question. After studying the space consumed for the tables that had the default FALLBACK and JOURNAL entries, the number of rows and actual space used was considered to be trivial.

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