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FJ 2 posts Joined 05/07
11 May 2007
CRM Taskbroker / RPS Services Not found

Hi,(Note:I am doing installation on windows XP)When i choose to install CRM Online / Offline servers separately.then after installation of offline server i do get the Taskbroker.exe and RPS.exe but couldnt find their respective servics.So both of these applications do get stuck.I know tht offline server should be installed on Win Server 2000 but could anyone find me the solution so that i can configure it in win XP.regards,FJ

Carol Barker 24 posts Joined 04/06
23 May 2007

Hello FJ,Thank you for your post. Here is an answer from one of our SME's for the CRM application. It identifies the Operating System and if it is XP it will not install the services. The bottom line is that it is not supported on XP. Needs to be Windows Server 2003.Thanks,Carol

beauty 1 post Joined 09/07
06 Sep 2007

I have just come across this site. . Its a free Chennai classieds. Have a look on it. It may solve you problem . There is enough information in this regard. Thanks

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